October 20, 2014
Werewolf by Matthew Pritchard

New Review - Werewolf by Matthew Pritchard #review #crime #history @saltpublishing

August 1945, Germany.

The Allies have won the war. Now they have to win the peace …

Silas Payne is a Scotland Yard officer seconded to Germany to help implement the Allied policy of denazification. When a former Waffen SS soldier is found murdered in the cellar of a requisitioned house, Payne begins an investigation that leads him on a tortuous path of discovery through the chaos of post-war…

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October 10, 2014
Malice by Keigo Higashino

New Review - Malice by Keigo Higashino #crime #review @LittleBrownUK

Acclaimed bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is brutally murdered in his home on the night before he’s planning to leave Japan and relocate to Vancouver. His body is found in his office, in a locked room, within his locked house, by his wife and his best friend, both of whom have rock solid alibis. Or so it seems.

Police Detective Kyochiro Kaga recognizes Hidaka’s best friend from years ago…

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October 7, 2014
Consumed by David Cronenberg

New Review: Consumed by David Cronenberg #crime #review @4thEstateBooks

Stylish and camera-obsessed, Naomi and Nathan thrive on the yellow journalism of the social-media age. They are lovers and competitors—nomadic freelancers in pursuit of sensation and depravity, encountering each other only in airport hotels and browser windows.

Naomi finds herself drawn to the headlines surrounding Célestine and Aristide Arosteguy, Marxist philosophers and sexual libertines.…

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August 16, 2014
One Kick by Chelsea Cain

One Kick by Chelsea Cain #review #crime @dark_pages

Kick Lannigan, 21, is a survivor. Abducted at age six in broad daylight, the police, the public, perhaps even her family assumed the worst had occurred. And then Kathleen Lannigan was found, alive, six years later. In the early months following her freedom, as Kick struggled with PTSD, her parents put her through a litany of therapies, but nothing helped until the detective who rescued her…

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June 26, 2014
To the Top of the Mountain by Arne Dahl

To the Top of the Mountain by Arne Dahl #crime #review @HarvillSecker

After the disastrous end to their last case, the Intercrime team – a specialist unit created to investigate violent, international crime – has been disbanded, their leader forced into early retirement.

The six officers have been scattered throughout the country. Detectives Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm are investigating the senseless murder of a young football supporter in a pub in Stockholm, Arto…

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May 1, 2014
Murder by Sarah Pinborough

Murder by Sarah Pinborough #crime #historical @JoFletcherBooks

Please note Murder is a direct sequel to Mayhem. It is entirely possible that this review may contain spoilers if you have not read the first book in this duology.

Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, is still recovering from the events of the previous year when Jack the Ripper haunted the streets of London – and a more malign enemy hid in his shadow. Bond and the others who worked on the gruesome…

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April 29, 2014
The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh

The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh #review #crime @JonathanCape

When Lucy Brennan, a Miami Beach personal-fitness trainer, disarms a gunman chasing two frightened homeless men, the police and the breaking-news cameras are not far behind and, within hours, Lucy is a media hero. The solitary eye-witness is the depressed and overweight Lena Sorensen, who becomes obsessed with Lucy and signs up as her client – though she seems more interested in the trainer’s…

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April 19, 2014
The Fourth Motive by Sean Lynch

The Fourth Motive by Sean Lynch #crime #review @ExhibitABooks

Whatever it takes…

Deputy District Attorney Paige Callen is being stalked, and the man stalking her is motivated, methodical, and relentless.

The police aren’t merely one step behind Paige’s stalker; they’re stumped. So Paige’s father, retired Judge ‘Iron Gene’ Callen, instead hires retired San Francisco P.D. Inspector turned private investigator Bob Farrell, to the dismay of the local police.


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April 3, 2014
Spree by Michael Morley

Spree by Michael Morley #Crime @headlinepg

A madman is on the rampage in the Los Angeles streets. The City of Angels has become The City of Fear. And everyone from the Oval Office down wants a quick result. The heat is on Jake Mottram, head of the FBI’s new Spree Killer Unit, and psychological profiler Angie Holmes to find the madman responsible.  

Until now, they’ve been great together. Both at work and in bed. But a killer is about to…

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January 10, 2014
New Review - The Wrong Quarry by Max Allan Collins #crime @TitanBooksView Post

New Review - The Wrong Quarry by Max Allan Collins #crime @TitanBooks

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